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I am open again for in-person lessons in a COVID-secure way. As a member of STAT (Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique) I am required to follow guidelines for close contact services and prepare a written risk assessment for covid and non-covid related issues which I will go through with you. 

If you are a new student, we will have a 30-minute consultation via zoom (included in first lesson) in advance, to get to know each other and for me to understand what you expect to gain from learning the technique and for you to know what I offer as a practitioner.

Whilst the Alexander Technique is a hands-on practice, during this time of transition I will be adapting my way of teaching to using minimal and gentle hand contact without compromising the thoughtful quality of the work through observation, exploration, movement and supporting the development of self-awareness through verbal instructions.

The room where I teach is spacious and well ventilated, I will wear a mask and expect you to do the same. I follow current hygiene and infection control guidance. I take a lateral flow test twice a week and have had my first vaccination so far.

Please do not make an appointment if you are at high risk, and do get advice from your GP if you are at moderate risk.

Each lesson is tailored for you as an individual and is one to one in my teaching room, lasting up to 40 minutes. I invite you to wear comfortable clothes and remove your shoes. The Alexander Technique will help you, through my guided touch as well as verbal instructions, to find the balance and ease needed in movement and everyday activities. An important part of the lessons includes "Active rest", or as it is known in the AT world as "Semi Supine", a position you will learn to incorporate as part of your regular routine. However, in our one to one lessons it will involve hands on guidance whilst on a Marsh Couch (therapy table) to assist in engaging with a lighter and more connected self. 


Regular: £40 for each lesson, which can be discounted to £35 per session (negotiated discounts for 4 or more sessions)

Special offers: £30 per session for any person who has taken a 21st Century posture class or attended a group event (use code 21stCPosture); £25 Seniors/students and those on low or minimum wages granted on proof of circumstances (use code OpenAccess) 

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