If our paths have not crossed before, the first lesson will last one hour to include a consultation. Each lesson is tailored for you as an individual and is one to one in my teaching room, lasting between 40 to 50 minutes. I invite you to wear comfortable clothes, remove your shoes, and be open to hands on teaching. The Alexander Technique will help you, through my guided touch as well as verbal instructions, to find the balance and ease needed in movement and everyday activities. An important part of the lessons includes "Active rest", or as it is known in the AT world as "Semi Supine", a position you will learn to incorporate as part of your regular routine. However, in our one to one lessons it will involve hands on guidance whilst on a Marsh Couch (therapy table) to assist in engaging with a lighter and more connected self. 


Regular: £40 for first consultation and £35 per session (negotiated discounts for 4 or more sessions available)

Special offers: £30 per session for any person who has taken a 21st Century posture class or attended a group event (use code 21stCPosture); £25 Seniors/students and those on low or minimum wages granted on proof of circumstances (use code OpenAccess) 

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