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About me

I am a member of The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique and serve on STAT's Training Course Committee.

I became interested in training as an Alexander Technique Teacher when I was on a career break from academia. I was suffering from occupational stress and wanted some time out to re-assess my work/life balance. In that year off I re-discovered the Alexander Technique. I had had my first lessons in my twenties when I was suffering from chronic fatigue and, in my forties, decided to re-acquaint myself with the technique in order to understand my habitual reactions to stress. I soon began to feel more comfortable in my self, less prone to panic and more interested in life beyond my specialist research subject (Modern and Contemporary Spain). I returned to work briefly but, after a year of lessons, I knew that what I really wanted was to train. I now combine teaching the Alexander technique with working as an independent researcher and archivist as well as pursuing a part-time foundation diploma in art and design.

I undertook the three year training course at LCATT (London Centre of Alexander Technique and Training), graduating in the Summer of 2017. I approached 2017/18 as a post-graduate year, when I built on my years of training at LCATT by assisting in the Alexander Department at the Royal College of Music and volunteering to support senior AT teachers in group workshops. In this capacity I have helped young musicians, opera singers and performers, as well as women and men from all walks of life learn the benefits of the Alexander Technique. I am now building up my private practice as well as developing group workshops. I am proud to have organised an Alexander Technique workshop at the Camberwell Arts Festival 2018 and co-organised the candle lit event Stress?: Take it Lying Down. I have also co-developed and co-delivered a community course on 21st Century Posture with a colleague in N16. I became a regular teacher on the face to face training course at LCATT in January 2020, and look forward to returning in Autumn 2021.


I took a break from teaching AT face to face from March 2020 to early May 2021, due to Covid-19, and prioritised my learning new skills and techniques related to wellbeing practices by joining online workshops and courses. Of particular interest to me during this time of uncertainty was discovering the power of embodied meditation and stillness through the regular practice of Qigong and the ways in which the Alexander Technique informs my approach.

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